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How To Pick A Scratching Post For Your Cat

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All of us know just how much cats like to climb up … and sleep and scratch and play … and nap! There are a lot of very cool designs of cat trees and scratching posts offered that provide your kitty alternatives to do all things he likes to do most! The variety of setups of cat trees readily available include simple designs to ones with multi-levels for climbing and puts to stop and scratch along the way. Some designs have hidey holes to lounge and nap in after their play time uses them out!

The easier designs of cat trees may provide a perch or 2 with a scratching post consisted of in the structure. Some are developed like castles with every amenity for your cat that you might think of … perches, hidey-holes, scratching areas, hanging toys to play with and lots of vertical pieces to climb up on! If you have numerous cats, the more elaborate designs of cat trees enable your kitties to play or snooze together.

Younger felines and kittens will likely require to the cat trees that provide great deals of playing options while older kitties are more prone to nap a little bit more often. We take place to have four cats. All them are in their prime and still pretty playful. As ALL felines do, every one of ours will look for any box they can discover to climb into – whether they fit or not! So any cat tree with hidey-holes, sets down or relaxing sleeping areas to cuddle into is going to draw your kitty’s interest.

Some cat trees have rope wrapped around the post or a sisal-covered post. Once your cat has actually picked that as his scratching area, he or she will establish that practice and hopefully stop ruining the couch or any other furnishings he’s taken a liking to!

If you are looking for simply a scratching post, once more there are many styles to pick from. Scratching posts consisting of both carpet and rope or a sisal/rope mix are a great mix for your cat to pick from. As with the cat trees, choose with rate, style and workability in mind for your house and kitties.

I am always attempting to please my felines and meet their requirements. When searching for that great cat tree or scratching post, keep in mind what works best for your house and your cat(s). There are great deals of options in every price range.

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